Waikato Portrait Photographer

My styled photoshoots create photographs you'll feel confident in and be proud to share!


Are you looking for...

A way to celebrate an important milestone?

Something to remember a special time in your life by?

An experience that will give you the confidence you've dreamed of?

Stunning, timeless portraits?

You're in the right place.

Rather than it feeling awkward being our natural “just us” selves in public or in front of anyone, you made it so comfortable and fun to create images portraying US as US

Ash & Dan


When was the last time you saw a photograph of yourself that you loved?

We've all had our share of bad experiences in front of the camera. Whether it was Grandma telling you to sit still and smile, blinking JUST as a friend snaps a group shot or an hour of selfies with no luck - enough is enough.

My step-by-step portrait experience is going to create those boss photographs you've dreamed of. You already have it in you, and I'm going to show you how amazing you are.

You deserve to feel confident and attractive in your photographs!

What will you and your loved ones have to remember your life by?


Why do we take photographs?

To remember. To capture a time and a feeling, to be relived and shared.

Your life is precious. Your legacy is timeless.

You deserve photographs that you are proud of. Because every time you look at them, you're going to remember. And remembering that confidence is going to inspire you as you move forward.


Hey! I'm Sarah.

I know exactly what it's like to give up on ever looking good in photographs. To miss capturing important moments, because I didn't feel confident enough to step in front of the camera.

It's my mission to help others conquer that feeling. Let's capture your awesome and one of a kind life, and make you feel your very best!