Personal & Family Portraits

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Individual Portraits


Why would you be photographed by yourself? Because you deserve it!

Whether you're celebrating a personal achievement (graduating, fitness, career etc.), you need photographs for your work, or just want an amazing, confidence building experience - this is for you.


Being photographed alone is a powerful experience. The photographs will become a reminder of the awesome person you are, and boost your confidence as you move forward!

Couples Portraits


When was the last time you were photographed with the person you love most? Your wedding day? A cellphone picture at a party? Never?

You deserve to  be photographed together, a professional photo session JUST for you two. Because isn't it worth celebrating one of the most important relationships in your life? Hello ultimate date/gift!

Family Portraits


Family photos! Do they sound exciting, or fill you with dread? Maybe you love the idea, but are worried about crazy kids, grumpy teens, or grown up kids that don't understand the point.


Don't worry! I'm going to help make the process smooth (and even fun!), so that in years to come, you have photographs with and of the people you love most in your life. That's what's important, what this is all about.

Extended Family Portraits



Can you imagine beautiful photographs of your children with their grandparents? All the cousins together? Your whole entire family, in one portrait? That's Christmas and birthday presents covered!


Be photographed with your whole family. These photographs will become among the most precious you have.

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