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3 Tips to Look (and Feel!) Amazing in Group Photos

Updated: 7 days ago

You know when a friend snaps a group photo, or your Mum takes a quick shot of you doing… literally anything? Do those types of photos ever look good? (Case in point below - love you Mum 😜)

Don’t worry – you can get better at those impromptu photos! They can become cute candids you want to keep and share.

Tip no. 1: Know yourself!

Get to know your own body and face! Seriously, stand in front of the mirror, and practice posture and poses. You can find some easy everyday poses to try here.

Tip no. 2 Tilt your head

When our face is front on to the camera, it looks its widest. Turn your nose to one side – it's a more flattering angle for your face. For a bonus, tilt your head to send a friendly vibe. If you’re in a group photo, try tilting your head toward the middle.

Tip no. 3: Be gentle with yourself

Is it really that bad of a photo? Practice talking about yourself the same way you would talk about your friends. Would you ever say to a friend “UGH look at how fat your arms are and how weird your teeth look when you smile!”? I hope not!

Treat yourself the same way you do your friends. Try noticing a good thing – I love how happy I look, I love that this photo captures a fun memory, I look a bit average but oh well I’m not going to look perfect 24/7.

Number three is a constant challenge. I wanted to edit my skin before I shared this photo. It's not perfect from a technical perspective. I'm not wearing makeup. But you know what, it's a cute photo of me and two of my sisters. It's fun and I choose to love it!

I challenge you to try out one (or all!) of these tips, so that the next time someone pulls out their phone to take a photo you can say I’M READY.

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