Hiring a photographer can be a big decision - how do you know I can deliver what you're looking for right? Read about what my past clients have to say.

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The thing that surprised us the most working with Sarah was how absolutely comfortable we felt being photographed! She made the whole experience feel so comfortable, like we were just hanging out and having fun - yet she was taking the most beautiful photographs at the same time. It ended up being such a fun experience. The best thing about the entire experience was how it really didn’t feel like a photograph session. It felt fun, there was so much laughter and it was super relaxed yet at the end of the whole experience we got the most beautiful photographs out of it! We are so in love with our photos. The best thing about them is how we look back at them with such happiness, because the whole experience around having them taken was so happy. They just take us back to the best memories and capturing a time that was so special to us. We are so grateful we have them. We would 110% recommend Sarah to others - and already have so many times! She is the most quality photographer with the most beautiful personality and so much talent. We feel so lucky to have had photos taken by her.

- Kelsey

Whilst working with Sarah over the years it’s always been an incredible experience every time, and each session just gets better- I’m not sure how it does but our family always walks away with a full heart. Sarah is so easy and down to earth to work with, showing her skills and making it a comfortable experience and not to mention magical with children. One of the best parts about capturing the photos are how “at home” we feel, always made to feel beautiful during the session. The memories taking the photos are something we will remember forever and the result we will forever cherish. The photo quality is amazing and turn around time is efficient, the images we receive are absolutely beautiful and displayed big in our family home which makes our house a home. It can be risky business taking a baby and a toddler along but Sarah always puts me at ease and has a magical way with children. I’ve been recommending Sarah and her talent since the first time we worked with her, it was a no brainer, I will forever recommended her photography to families and couples, anyone! No doubt they will get to experience a positive heart warming session. I can’t wait for our next session with Sarah it’s always exciting and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Sarah Grayson is the place to go!

- Natalie

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